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Dipping my toes in...

...the waters of the blogosphere (waves hello).

So. I'm working on building up stock to open my Etsy shop for the first time. If you're a lover of Etsy already, you'll understand. If you're not, then for the love of God, man, go there with all due haste! Go now!

Here's my diabolical plan for world domination through adornment:

Make a heap of the Edwardian- inspired beaded velvet chokers I've been making for myself, for years. And drop earrings to match. And cuffs! Who can resist the sauciness of wrist cuffs?

First supply shopping trip is this weekend... I can't wait. I've been yearning to get started but the choices for supplies locally are too limited. I'll be making a grand tour of all the fabric, findings and fancy trim shops in the Bay Area.

I'll report back on my findings once I've wiped my savings out on all things shiny, pretty, velvety, and silky.