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All is Revealed...

First, a heart~felt thank you to everyone who joined in and helped me spread the word about the Raffle of Revealing Riches last week. As promised, I used Random.org to pull the winners tonight for the prizes we unlocked... and drum-roll please...

Sewicked is the winner of TotusMel's lovely tatted bracelet... and SquadratoMagico wins the $33 gift certificate! And although we didn't get quite to sixty-six entrants, we did make forty-four altogether, so I'd like to add a $44 gift certificate because I was so impressed by the sheer enthusiasm of those who did enter... and that winner is Emi Ramsey!

Thanks again for leaving such lovely comments. It was truly splendid to hear from so many of you ~ from all over the country and beyond.

Soon, a full report on the magnificent Edwardian Ball that I just arrived home from ~ which was incredible but exhausting... but first, rest.


The Raffle of Revealing Riches!

This, my dearests, is my one-hundredth blog post. And to celebrate, I'd like to host a giveaway, to say thank you for being such brilliant supporters of my whimsy and my work.

I'm borrowing the rules shamelessly from the lovely TotusMel's tiered giveaway that many of you are familiar with. Indeed, TotusMel herself has kindly contributed the very first prize... an elegant Quadra Bracelet!

And here's the revealing part ~ if we reach 33 new individual entries, a $33 gift certificate to my shop will be added to the prizes ~ suitable for purchasing any style of earrings or a pair of Zephyr sleeve garters in your choice of color.

If we reach 66 entrants, a $66 gift certificate... and if, by some chance, we hit the magical zenith of 99 individuals entering, I shall offer up $99. These gift certificates can be used for smaller treasures, or put towards anything in the shop ~ a pair of cuffs or a a beaded silk collar.

So here are your various pursuits to enter my Raffle of Revealing Riches:

1. Visit my Etsy shop or the Adornments for Tarts Web site, and leave a comment here telling me which design is your favorite.

2. If you're not already a follower of this blog, click here to become one, and let me know about it in the comments.

3. Post a link to this contest to your choice of social network or your own blog ~ as many as you like ~ and leave a link to said post in the comments here. While you're there, follow me on Twitter, or fan me on Facebook, if you haven't already.

Each of the above pursuits completed grants you one golden (virtual) raffle ticket... you can put several entries into one comment if you wish. Your comment profile must include contact information ~ if it doesn't, be sure to leave a valid email address in your comment, or your entry is void. The winners will be drawn by random number generator on January 24th.

Multiple entries by a single person do not count towards unlocking the treasures, but most certainly increase your chances of winning something lovely by giving you more virtual raffle tickets...

So if you've been reading along quietly, now is the time to speak out! Fare thee well, sweetlings, let's get this raffle rolling!


New Year, New Life

I am ever so pleased to share the news that the turning of the year brought with it a little addition to our family ~ my new niece. After a jaw-droppingly long and challenging labor, my beautiful sister and her husband welcomed their new daughter to the world.

It was an incredibly emotional event for us all, not only the first baby in my generation for our family, but a terrifying and gorgeous reminder of both the tenuousness and the vitality of life.

And when the little one was finally (finally!) safely here, I found myself spinning into a vortex of infant-related sweetness - hours perusing hip designer baby fabrics online, like this incredible mermaid-and-octo print by Heather Ross - plotting all the tiny finery I'd make for her... in my copious spare time, yes.

So while I try to stay focused on sewing more adornments for the upcoming Edwardian Ball, and rehearsing to record next month with my band Baby Seal Club ~ I must also make some space for simple, blissful amazement at this new child's tenacity, my sweet sister's courage, and the overwhelming love I have for both of them.