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Goggles of Eternal Revealing

I has them! And not a moment too soon... it's nearly the New Year, a perfect time for divining intervention.

Made, of course, by the enchanting crypto-historian Fyriel of OrpheusAlchemy ~ these are spectactularly amazing. Who else but Fyriel wouldn't even blink when I requested "Gypsy Art Nouveau Industrial Victorian" goggles?

Details that make me warm inside: Arcane symbols and silver curlicues all over!

A nameplate special for me on the leather strap... and a special antique key to some unknown door to the soul...

I had the joy of meeting Fyriel while she was sporting her full warlock costume at the Steampunk Convention, in which she found interwebs fame.

Visit her shop on Etsy for more breathtaking treasures to delight and mystify you!


Drunk History

In the hallowed halls of viral web video, every once in a while there's a shining star. One that stands out from the crowd - one that makes your eyes tear up, or is milk-out-the-nose funny.

I was having a rough day at work last week when a gem from that latter category arrived in my in-box from my dear Lord Hopton (who has undeniably impeccable taste in humor, as well as everything else in life).

It's Episode Three of a series aptly titled "Drunk History," and, well, just watch it.

The brilliance originates from FunnyorDie.com, and there are four or five episodes in circulation, but this one is my favorite.

Praise you, Derek Waters. Thanks for the laugh, I needed that.


Vintage Story Postcards!

I haven't breathed a peep yet, but my love Stache has been helping me put together a Web site for Adornments for Tarts. We've got much too much work to do to post a link yet, but today he helped me make some vintage story postcards for each of my designs, and I love them too much not to share...

These will end up in the gallery of the site. See more of them on Flickr.

In my un-biased opinion, Stache is an amazing designer, as you can see at his site, Sassy Monkey Media.

His recent specialty has been creating old-timey and vintage-feel Web sites - or as he puts it, "devising captivating aether-web destinations." So if anyone is in need of such a thing, you know where to go.


Bits and Bobs

I always loved Brit colloquialisms like "bits and bobs" or "I'm well chuffed." In fact, I may single-handedly try to bring "chuffed" into the American lexicon. Who's with me?

On to the bits. First, a tease - new designs are coming for Adornments for Tarts, at last. I received some exciting bundles in the mail - new raw silk, new velvet ribbons. And there's also a winter special in the shop - free pair of earrings with the purchase of a collar!

Also, my last post on my love of cephalopods helped inspire a new group blog from select members of the Etsy Steam Team. Come visit the Cephalopod Tea Party - a blog dedicated to a love of tentacled sea creatures! We plan to scour the inter-webs for all things octopus-ish, squidly, and tentacled for your enjoyment.

And there you can find treats like this outfit. Someone beat me to making my long-desired tentacle corset...

Found via BoingBoing, from this treasure trove of fabulous couture.

In other exciting interwebs fame news, I had an image featured on Theremina's drgblz blog, where LOLs meet airships - yay for ridiculously juvenile internet memes!

Finally, in the how-many-social-networking-sites-can-Choklit-frequent category, you can now find me on Twitter and on Facebook. If you must.