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Centennial Speakeasy Soirée

Last night some neighbors of ours celebrated the 100th birthday of their house by having a speakeasy themed party. People turned out in beautiful flapper and gangster costumes, and there were lots of exciting stockings, like these stunning back-seamed cuban heels.

I was lamenting the complete lack of 20's costumes in my collection, but several kind friends insisted I was the only one who actually fit the period of the house in my Edwardian get-up. I love the styles of the 20's, but I am most certainly not built like a flapper.

Drinks were sipped from mason jars, there was much revelry, and the night ended with a spontaneous striptease by one of our lovely hosts, who went from a baggy men's suit and fedora down to boa and red corset to the sultry strains of Minnie the Moocher, much to our delight.

I had better pull together something flapper-ish before we venture down to Bourbon and Branch, a speakeasy in San Francisco where they mix up vintage cocktails and you actually need a password to get in...


squadratomagico said...

Sounds like fun! A party like that would have given me an excuse to purchase a garment I have my eye on in a local vintage store: a 1920s silk robe-y thing trimmed with, um, monkey fur. It's both creepy and beautiful.

I'm glad they don't use monkey fur any more (in fact, I would never buy new fur of any kind) but I find it compelling on this strange vintage garment.

. c h o k l i t . said...

Lord Hopton was once VERY tempted to buy me a monkey-fur cape of the same vintage... but it was far too costly. I totally agree - vintage fur is creepy and alluring at the same time... monkey fur even more so!

lovemaryxoxo said...

How lovely! And inspiring.

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