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Sweet Coraline

I'm simply giddy with excitement about Coraline ~ it's like a fantasy-obsessed animation-loving post-goth craftista's dream come true.

Everything meticulously hand-made? Check. Voices by comic heroes French and Saunders and John Hodgman? Check. Sassy little girl with blue hair and striped stockings? Check. A toy squid? Check. Miniature sweaters knitted with sewing needles? See for yourself!

Though I'm an avid Neil Gaiman fan, I haven't read the book - I purposefully avoided it so I wouldn't face the disappointment I had with Stardust. So it will be a treat now to read it.

I can't really say much beyond this: you must see it, and you must see it on the big screen. Go now.


Tom Banwell said...

Wow! That miniaure knitter reconfirms my belief that there is but a thin line seperating artistic genius and madness.

FetishGhost said...

I'm vibrating with excitement! Whew! I almost pressed publish before checking my spelling, excitement... good
excrement... bad
bad spell check!

TotusMel said...

We're waiting until next weekend to take the kids. Huge Neil Gaiman fan. The book was wonderful & I so want to knit with my tatting needles now...

Holly said...

I love the knitting! Sort of making me insane though because I have an interview tomorrow and it sort of involves puppets and clothes and I'm going nuts....lol. But it's amazing!

My grandpa's friends seemed to really like the movie. I'm actually not a big fan of Gaiman, surprisingly, but I love the stop motion so I'll probably see it eventually.

Wenchie said...

Wow I had no idea those were hand knit! *jaw drop.* The movie is really wonderful I suggest seeing it in 3D because I'm a film snob like that =P also there's some extras at the end of the credits so stay for them.

Carl V. said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the film. It was lovely. Cannot wait to own a copy on DVD and I desperately hope it has tons of great extras. I love to see this kind of passion in film making.

While I wholeheartedly agree with you about Stardust...terrible travesty of a film compared to the enchanting book...Coraline was really faithful to the spirit of the story and the changes for the sake of film actually made perfect sense. I hope you enjoy the book.