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Clowns and Whiskey

Somehow, March ended up being a whirlwind of events that all included some unholy combination of whiskey and clowns, and usually a little too much of both.

It all started with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Bingo, wherein nuns in drag make a general fuss about everything, while giving away fabulous prizes for bingo.

Sisters Bingo photos used with kind permission of Sheila Garvey.

Several of the sisters were beside themselves with admiration for my dashing male companions, so there was much shooing of frisky nuns away from my dear ones.

If you've never been to the monthly event, I highly recommend it for a rousing good time - just don't sit too close to the speakers. Shrieking nuns + nasty-tasting Johnny Walker = headache.

Following on the heels of Bingo was the delightful Spring Equinox Sideshow party a few weekends ago, an event packed with clowns, firedancers, and freaks of all stripes. Here's your Choklit with beloveds El Fudo and Miss M ~ in fact, the three March birthdays that led to so much swilling of whiskey.

And Stache found a bottle of absinthe to share with the lovely Pamela - whom we had only just met at Sisters Bingo a few nights before.

Having barely recovered from the Equinox Party, we spent a ridiculous weekend in the city at a whole host of parties, including Fou Fou Ha's new show, Out of Order: A Musical that Comes out of a Toilet, which was beyond hilarious - I think I still have the giggles.

Fou Fou Ha photos used with kind permission of Eric Gillet.

I'll never have my fill of those beautiful Fou's, they make me sparkle from my fingers to my toes. Well, the Fou's and one-third of Fudo's birthday bottle of Noah's Mill... heh.

Now what will April have in store for us?


nullalux said...

Whee! What fun!

TotusMel said...

Again, your life if a whirlwind I will never know!

squadratomagico said...

Sounds like a wonderful pileup of events! And what marvelous makeup on that Indulgent Sister!

squadratomagico said...

Oh! And Happy Birthday!

RockLove said...

What great pictures! An amazing event! Would love to party and perform with you someday... you will HAVE to make my outfit!


Winona Cookie said...

You've been busy, my dear! Now *these* clowns would not have scared me when I was a child...