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Oughta Be in Pictures

I'm swooning with anticipation about my first collaboration with a photographer other than my love Stache (though I do adore his photography). I've just sent off my brand new Sirene design to Lexie, proprietress of Lex Machina Photography (formerly BrainWreck), after being floored by her newest work on Flickr.

This set of images reminds me of some of the brilliant Kate O'Brien's more painterly work, like her "I Spy" photo I've always adored. I'm giddy with Lexie's treatment of these, the richly saturated but understated tones that give them that vintage feel.

Truly, how could I not be enamoured of someone with a a bio that reads like this: "motor-hobo transient photographer and comic nerd of the steampunk persuasion"? It seems Lexie travels around the country full-time in an RV with her soulmate, Emmy, the dashing subject of this stunning image.

This whole tale appeals to me tremendously... although I do love to travel, I am a home-body at heart, and so that kind of nomadic lifestyle is something I can only admire from afar.

And now, the waiting... sigh.


TotusMel said...

I just recently discovered her work through twitter as well, gorgeous. Aside from a collaboration w/Topsey Turvy Designs, no one but me has done my photos...maybe I need to spread my wings as well.

Sarah Dungan said...

I can't wait to see the resulting photos!

Tom Banwell said...

Beautiful photos! And inspiring. I look forward to seeing your pics!

Myke Amend said...

Lexie has been a great online friend of mine for some time now, and I only started seeing her photography online this past year.

What she began with was beyond exceptional, and she has been developing her skill at light speed.

She is an amazing artist, and I feel she will certainly be the photographer to watch in the years to come, as I am more and more impressed with each work I see.

It was a pleasant surprise to find her here - wonderful post ^_^

romy said...

ooh, what's the collab? is your designs, or music, or some other of your fabulous talents?
love the photies, too
*InSectus stamp of approval*