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The Sinners' Circus

Sometimes you just have to run away with the circus, you know? Along with co-conspirators klown-fi band GOOFERMAN, the Sisters of Honk, Circus Metropolus, and a whole slew of other moderators of mayhem, my band Baby Seal Club hosted a 3-ring sinfest called the Sinners' Circus at a local brewery last weekend.

Glorious moments were plentiful, but here are a few top ones: seeing my beloved Stache go-go-cage dancing in a vintage band jacket and a Lucha Libre clown mask... joined shortly thereafter by my brother in a bear suit.

The stunning 10-cent Absolution Booth confessional hand-built by one of our dear friends and local mad genius Muir... you confessed your sins into an antique telephone inside, and they were broadcast out to the surrounding crowd.

My beloved band-mates getting theatrical for the Seven Deadly Sins theme... Wizzbang as a gorgeous and aloof Pride, 19 as the avaricious banker Greed, Doc as a terrifyingly wicked Lucifer, Fudo as a powerful preacher named Wrath, and your own Choklit, of course, as the harlot of harmonies ~ Lust.

The brilliance of the wanted posters Stache made for us to put up around town and in the venue... See the full set here.

Amazing performers on both stages, outside and in, including a mesmerizing show by fire-eater Monique, who absolutely embodied an enchanting swamp priestess.

Once again, we pulled off a spectacle of epic proportions - complete with tent revival faith healing, fire-dancers, carnival games, stiltwalkers, jugglers, and an oversized bear. And plenty of klowns, of course.

We worked all day Saturday to transform the venue into a red velvet big-top, performed, stayed up being debaucherous with the clowns until dawn, and tore it all down the next day. More pictures are coming from the fabulous Miss M - check back here.

Ah, sweet ephemeral events... so fleeting. And now we start the planning for the next one!


TotusMel said...

Wow, just another day in the fastlane huh? LOVE the wanted posters!

MendelsonPhoto said...

do it again! tons of fun!

Tom Banwell said...

I am so envious! Oh wait, is that one of the sins? Sounds like you guys have more fun than a body can stand!

squadratomagico said...

Congrats on your circus freak debut! Looks fab!!

And I LOVE that gold-and-burgundy stripey jacket you're wearing in one of the photos. >swoon!<

FetishGhost said...

Joyous Envy....

Karin Alisa said...

Sumptuous Fun! Thanks for posting for us mere voyeurs!
When I pick up my Gypsy Roots I shall find this circus caravan and join ;D

Wenchie said...

Seriously amazin...so when's the Sinners Circus going to be in the Los Angeles area? ;)