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Things That Please Me: Pie

Though one wouldn't guess it, considering how rarely I write about epicurean delights here, I am actually something of a foodie. So a brief interlude from our regularly scheduled shameless debauchery and costume lust for an ode to the humble pie, one of my most favorite desserts.

(Image via Pie of the Month Club)

I had a most sublime pie-eating experience last weekend at a coffeeshop ~ house-made blackberry-rhubarb pie, and it was perfect. Buttery flaky light crust, tangy sweet fruit, and a big dollop of very lightly sweetened handmade whipped cream ~ heaven on a plate.

(Image Courtesy of Faith Durand via The Kitchn)

And I'd choose pie over cake any day. My love for pie is so strong that when Stache and I got married, we refused to have cake for our wedding feast. Instead we requested a pie potluck, which resulted in the delight of dozens of varieties of pie, all spread out on a long table as far as the eye could see.

Amazingly, we were not eating processed sugar or white flour in those days, and a family friend who owns a bakery made us a rather glorious whole-wheat-crust, honey-sweetened, triple-decker ginger pear pie for our very own.

Who can deny that home-made pie makes everything better?


Lex said...

I love the pie potluck idea for a wedding! That is so awesome. I have so many foodie friends, that I just may have to steal it for my own wedding someday.

Also the nonsense catpha word that it's asking me to enter before I can submit my comment is "sublex". I am amused.

TotusMel said...

I like pie.

Sarah Dungan said...

I shall have to make you pie someday! I never knew!

FetishGhost said...

MmmmmmMMmmmmm... pie

Pamela said...

What a beautiful wedding-pie! We had a tower of cream puffs for our "cake"

Tom Banwell said...

I must agree. Cake has little going for it, but pie! Yummm!

GUS said...

Look delicious :P