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Aether Lamp: The Sketches of Brigid Ashwood

I cannot think of another word more appropriate than "luminous" to describe the work of Maryland-based artist Brigid Ashwood ~ her mechanical beauties shimmer from the page in a vivid play of shadow and light.

(Yo Yo Bee, May 2009)

Brigid works in a variety of mediums that are categorized quite charmingly on her site: "Illuminations" for digital art, "Pigment Emulsions" for oil paintings and colored pencil sketches, and "Mineral Deposits" for sketches, silverpoint and graphite.

(Repose, February 2009)

Her oil paintings are breathtaking, but it's the Mineral Deposits that captivate me the most ~ they are somehow so very reminiscent of scribbled plans from DaVinci's notebooks, intriguing words combined with rich imagery, hinting at things yet to unfold.

(Unfair Things, Fall 2009)

I had to look up silverpoint to see what it was, and was tickled to find it is "a traditional drawing technique first used by Medieval scribes on manuscripts" that involves dragging a silver rod across a primed surface.

(Implement (Insect Scissors))

How delightfully archaic and appropriate for these beautiful images, the ball-jointed lovelies and strange apparatuses, ripe with possibilities and stories not yet revealed.

(The Creative Engine, May 2008)

I love Brigid's byline of "winged things and improbable machines", which captures the playful combination of invention and mythology in her work. Keep up with Brigid's adventures on her blog, and dig in deeper at her Web site for more of her enchanting work.


Tom Banwell said...

Brigid is a real talent. Thanks for sharing!

TataniaRosa said...

Wow, those are beautiful. I've never heard of Brigid before. Thank you for introducing me to her world!

TotusMel said...

Such gorgeous work and she seems a lovely person as well!

Lynn said...

She does beautiful work! Loooove Unfair things.

Hexotica said...

How beautiful! These make me want to start sketching again.

ArtSnark said...

WOW! Wonderful artwork - just fabulous

Brigid Ashwood said...

Thank you so much for the lovely blog post! Every artist hopes that their work is not only liked and well received - but "understood". This post made me feel all of those things. What a good feeling. Thank you also to all the commenters! I'm truly touched.