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The Raffle of Revealing Riches!

This, my dearests, is my one-hundredth blog post. And to celebrate, I'd like to host a giveaway, to say thank you for being such brilliant supporters of my whimsy and my work.

I'm borrowing the rules shamelessly from the lovely TotusMel's tiered giveaway that many of you are familiar with. Indeed, TotusMel herself has kindly contributed the very first prize... an elegant Quadra Bracelet!

And here's the revealing part ~ if we reach 33 new individual entries, a $33 gift certificate to my shop will be added to the prizes ~ suitable for purchasing any style of earrings or a pair of Zephyr sleeve garters in your choice of color.

If we reach 66 entrants, a $66 gift certificate... and if, by some chance, we hit the magical zenith of 99 individuals entering, I shall offer up $99. These gift certificates can be used for smaller treasures, or put towards anything in the shop ~ a pair of cuffs or a a beaded silk collar.

So here are your various pursuits to enter my Raffle of Revealing Riches:

1. Visit my Etsy shop or the Adornments for Tarts Web site, and leave a comment here telling me which design is your favorite.

2. If you're not already a follower of this blog, click here to become one, and let me know about it in the comments.

3. Post a link to this contest to your choice of social network or your own blog ~ as many as you like ~ and leave a link to said post in the comments here. While you're there, follow me on Twitter, or fan me on Facebook, if you haven't already.

Each of the above pursuits completed grants you one golden (virtual) raffle ticket... you can put several entries into one comment if you wish. Your comment profile must include contact information ~ if it doesn't, be sure to leave a valid email address in your comment, or your entry is void. The winners will be drawn by random number generator on January 24th.

Multiple entries by a single person do not count towards unlocking the treasures, but most certainly increase your chances of winning something lovely by giving you more virtual raffle tickets...

So if you've been reading along quietly, now is the time to speak out! Fare thee well, sweetlings, let's get this raffle rolling!


Sooz said...

Love the Miele Collar! All of them are gorgeous :)

Loi said...

i do love your wit and of course the gorgeous bits you find...so now, i am officially a fan and i even shared your link on fb.

squadratomagico said...

Yay! I love raffles of beautiful things!
Well, I've been a subscriber to your blog for about a year now, so that's taken care of. Didn't know you were on fb, but I just joined there... And I will leave a comment at your etsy shop soon, so that's three entries.
(Excellent omen: my word verification is "masks." Been thinking about making a new one and developing an act around masks, too, so creative collisions are happening here!)

squadratomagico said...

Two more entries: I shared the link to this post on fb, and I went to the shop to decide on a fave... and I think I have to go with the Juniper or Roux cuffs. I'm not sure why Juniper speaks to me, because it's not my usual color palette -- the Roux makes a lot more sense -- but there you have it. Sometimes an object calls you without any rhyme or reason.

nullalux said...


1.The Alchemie collar, of course, to go with my cuffs!

2. I am delighted to be following your blog.

3. I posted a link to your raffle on Twitter (http://twitter.com/nullalux/status/7801859219/), which has been crossposted to Facebook, Tumblr, Soup, etc.


Lynn said...

Oh, I want to be part of this giveaway!
Your work is all beautiful, but I'm partial to all the Alchemie bits.
To spread the giveaway love I re-tweeted your twitter post.

Sarah Dungan said...

I am already your follower and fan ;-)
And you totally know which one I like! (Wait, are secret unreleased designs an option? hehe)

Anonymous said...

Miele Collar and Alchemie cuffs are on my wish list. jacquie

Miss Violet said...

Congratulations, and such beautiful work! The Miele collar and cuffs are my personal favorites.

I am now following your blog, and I have boosted your signal with a link on my Facebook!

-Miss Violet

Anonymous said...

My name is Isabella and I acquired a beautiful cuff from you a year ago, and would love to get more!
-I adore the aubergine cuff

my e-mail is izzyhr2002@yahoo.com

Lex Machina said...

Aubergine is my personal favorite cuff, though I am equally fond of the arm garters for the gents.

ArtSnark said...

OOh - great giveaway!

Have to go with the Miele colar.

Now following - surprised I wasn't already

Off to promote on FB & will blog it this weekend.

cheers & thanks for such great prizes

Lady Miss Tiff said...

I feel in love with your work the moment I saw it (I was an etsy newb), but I must admit that the Sirene Cuffs and the Aubergine Cuffs bring forth little whimpering sounds from my being.

Lady Miss Tiff said...

I'm a fan on facebook
I follow your blog
and I follow you on twitter...

romy said...

I follow! I follow! an you KNOW i'm addicted to your cuffs...I'll probably go a Miele next...nomnomnom....


Thieving Magpie said...

Oh I love the Roux collar, though I could be convinced to go Aubergine. I can't wait to see what comes next from Choklit, something amazing I'm sure.

Thieving Magpie said...

Oh, and of course I am already a follower & I've added a link on FB http://bit.ly/5EnvnY

Stephanie Kennedy said...

I am desperately, deeply, devotedly in love with the Sirene Collar and Cuffs! I didn't know you were on fb, but I am now a fan and have posted all about your beautiful, joy inducing art! I also commented on ETSY, I think. I have been an avid admirer and feed follower for quite awhile, hanging in the shadows, basking the the beauty of the peices, and looking foward to each installment to add some whimsy to my, unfortunately, whimsy-less life. Thank you for being you!

Clemintine said...

I just adore the Sirene cuffs.
I'm already a follower, and I just faned on FB and also twitter.
Posted link on FB and also on my blog!

Niko said...

1. Love love love the Sirene collar, but as a printer and bookbinder, it's the sleeve garters that I've added to my wishlist (and hearted on your shop).

2. Now following your blog.

3. Now following on Twitter.
Now a fan on Facebook.

I'll probably also Tweet this and blog it too, but I'll come back and comment again if I do, because I'm absent-minded and might forget until it's to late.

Anonymous said...

Now a fan on facebook, but AAGGHHH, Etsy is down for maintenance!

Nicole Davidson

Digital Misfit said...

I just love the Miele Collar and the matching cuff. Amazing design.
Your product photography is just phenomenal.


Digital Misfit said...

I am following this blog.
(I want a TotusMel bracelet!)

also crossing fingers for a rockin gift certificate!


Autumn said...

Sirene is definitely my favorite! I love the drama and the detail! All of your work is lovely!

Jill at Liv'nGood Jewelry said...

I have always loved your cuffs, but these are my faves:

and since I'm already following you on Twitter I re-tweeted your contest

Wenchie said...

How could I choose just one of your delectable items?
I suppose I would have to select the Alchemie Cuff since it would match one of my outfits

Melanie said...

Love the Alchemie Earrings

mathbook28 gmail

Thyme2dream said...

I love all of your collars, but the Miele is my favorite just now:)

I also fanned your FB page, RT the contest on twitter, joined your blog and am off now to post a link to this delightful contest on my own fanpage www.facebook.com/t2dream

Have fun with the contest, I have my fingers crossed!!

Emi said...

Awesome raffle - I love your Sirene collar and cuffs - beautiful work!!

I just google followed your blog and added you to my twitter as well - just tweeted about the raffle =P

oh and fan'd you on facebook!

Sewicked said...

I think, think, that I like the Sirene necklace the most. But ask me in 5 minutes & I'll have picked something else.

anyway, follow you on Twitter, fan-paged you on FB, and follow your blog now. I have a blog, not that it's as interesting as yours or TotusMel's, but there you have it. Oh, and I retweeted. Cause I'm a madwoman like that.

victats@gmail.com said...

Juniper cuffs, definitely. Love the pictures too.

Sewicked said...

I mentioned the blog 'cause I mentioned your contest too (you can click on my name, I'm on blogger, too).

Jane S. said...

What cool stuff in your shop, and who doesn't love TotusMel? :)

The Juniper Collar is so pretty...opulent with a hint of innocence, hmm sounds like me! LOL

I'd love to be entered in your giveaway. Thank you!

Jane S.
janers41 at hotmail dot com

Anna said...

I added your contest to my facebook account. I'd love to be entered into your contest....

Pamela said...

I'm in!
Facebook fan,blog fan,regular fan,secret admirer,not-secret admirer,wrote a blog post, and sharing on FB! XXXXOOOOO

Stephanie said...

well I have only just found you through Totus Mel's facebook site, but WOW. Your work is stunning. My friends are thinking so too, and becoming fans through facebook. hmmm...I love Sirene...

EVA S said...

At first look I thought the collars were a bit risque for me but I love both the Aubergine and Juniper collars.


EVA S said...

I follow the blog

EVA S said...

I follow on Twitter and I tweeted http://twitter.com/EVA_n_essence/status/7962073184

Wenchie said...

I follow your blog and I'm pacing out my entries too ^_^

Joei Reed said...

Hello Choklit! I am kinda behind on the whole blogging thing but I am now a follower. I have always adored your cuffs, but the Sirene cuffs I think are a particular fave - love that color! I'll post your contest on FB as well. Hope it all goes well for you!
(joeireedhats -at- gmail -dot- com)

Gypsy Eyes Jewelry said...

WARNING: This comment will contain an extraordinary amount of exclamation points!
My dear, I have followed your blog for some time now with absolute rapturous joy! The wonders that you share feed the gypsy in me wonderful soul food! And now you present us with a frolicking fun give-away contest - well that is surely some delicious icing for an already scrumptious tart!
Your Etsy shop is filled with such beautifully naughty accoutrements, to choose just one proves quite the challenge! Since you force my hand, dear lady, I shall elevate the Alchemie Cuffs to that pedestal. Ooooh,sexy cuffs!
Would that the fates, the odds, and all that is good and just and fun in the universe, be in my favor and deem me the winner
(xxxx = fingers crossed)!
To that ultimate end, I may be joyfully reached at:
In Joy,

Gypsy Eyes Jewelry said...

Indeed I already am a fan on the facebook. Just returning to note that I have gushed about you and yours there as well:
Patiently waiting for the winning announcement in my inbox!!!

tori said...

I bet you're tired of hearing it, but I liked everything in your shop. I thought the Miele collar was the thing I liked best though. That's one.

I am following you now also (2).

And I am tweeting you up (3) http://twitter.com/zephi/status/7990241488
Cheers and GL with the promotion.
zephiart at gmail.com

Jonathan Kennedy said...

My wife sent me here to look at the sirene collar and cuffs she said she is in love with and would very much like for valentines day. i have to admit they are beautiful and i would like to enter the raffle to win them for her. She deserves it as a wonderful wife and mother. I only wish I could do more for her.
Thank you,
Jonathan Kennedy

Lindy Leech said...

I've been coveting the Miele collar for rather a long time. Your designs are all pretty lovely, though.

Wenchie said...

I posted another link on Facebook

AlliesAdornments said...

Just wanted to congratulate you on 100 posts, that rocks!
Wishing you an amazing time at the Edwardian ball too!

jringling said...

I forgot to leave a comment when I started following your blog last week... so here it is... :)

Leonne said...

I absolutely adore the Miele Collar (and matching cuffs!). Once google stops hating me, I will follow your blog too. :)

L_N_K_V at yahoo dot com.

Winona Cookie said...

Better late than never - I've been meaning to stop in for days and compliment ALL your lovely items, but I have to say, the Alchemy earrings whisper to me especially, for some reason. Blog, Twitter, FB - I'm a fan everywhere my dear!

Stephanie said...

Oh hury hurry and pick a winner! I've been waiting semi-patiently for weeks!!! I'll keep checking in all day, but I'm so in love with the Sirene collar and cuffs- I just hope the winning pick is someone who will really appreciate it!
Thanx, stephanie