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Things That Please Me: Good Bourbon

Having been on a self~imposed dry spell that has thus far lasted almost three months, I thought now would be a perfect time for an ode to my libation of choice ~ bourbon.

Though I'll happily down the more common top-shelf stand-bys like Maker's and Bulleit, it's when the craft labels start pouring that I really get feverish. Noah's Mill and Woodford Reserve are favorites, though in researching this post I realized many of my loved ones are the small-batch labels of larger breweries - Knob Creek, Basil Hayden and Booker's are all owned by (shudder) Jim Beam, and Buffalo Trace makes Elmer T. Lee and Hancock's Reserve.

Considering my deep and abiding love of bourbon, it's positively shameful that I have yet to visit San Francisco speakeasy Bourbon and Branch, known for its period decor and password-only-entry.

It's also a mystery why I do not yet own one of these awesome vintage decanter tag bourbon necklaces I've been drooling over for years, by Dust Design Co. on Etsy.

If it must be mixed, my very favorite libation is a whiskey old-fashioned ~ but only the version made by our local country bar, the Underwood, which involves Guinness-marinated organic bing cherries ~ none of those unholy-red maraschinos. And on a cold night I might be convinced of a bourbon toddy...

But truly, I'm a simple woman. Straight-up, no ice please, that's my drink. O sweet brown medicine, though we are apart right now, we shall one day be together again, and once again your sinfully rich toffee-kissed balm will soothe my savage soul.


Sarah Dungan said...

I'm sorry did you say Guinness marinated organic cherries...in bourbon?! My local bars need to step it up, clearly.

Athene said...

As a California to Kentucky transplant I have discovered the love of small batch burbon, and can agree that straight up has always been my choice. though after talking to some old time burbon afficanados i have learned that a tablespoon of cold water or an ice cube will open up the flavor and allow the true aroma to arise. I have switched to the one ice cube, and found it to be even more enjoyable. If you're ever in KY you'll have to do the burbon tour where you go through all the manufacturers and see the making and history of burbon as well as tour the facilities, and enjoy a free tasting of thier different levels of quality. You can also purchase the very small batch burbon that has been aged 20-30 years, and is mmm, mmm good! If your in the mood to experiment try Evan Willams 18 year or 21 year, both excellent. And my Derby time favorite a true mint julep with simple syrup, good burbon, and crushed fresh mint is always a good choice. also my new favorite is an old fashioned: Good burbon with half sweet vermouth and half dry vermouth and a touch of bitters to taste with a couple of cubes and a mint garnish!

ArtSnark said...

ooh - now I'm thirsty