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Working Myself into A Fine Frenzy

My love for stop-motion animation is no secret. Give me Švankmajer, give me Brothers Quay over rubbery slick CGI any day. Coraline and Fantastic Mister Fox make me positively quiver with glee. So it's no surprise that this music video for A Fine Frenzy stopped me in my tracks.

It's all too easy to see why I loved this brief little gem of a film, as it's also packed with imagery I adore... from paper umbrellas to tall ships, vintage sewing supplies to doll parts. And much to my delight, I found the singer / songwriter behind A Fine Frenzy, who stars in the video, is an impossibly luscious fiery-haired young vixen named Alison Sudol.

Her sophomore effort as A Fine Frenzy, Bomb in a Birdcage, is the second album I've discovered solely from my love of a music video, the first being the incredible Ramona Falls. The album is at once stirring and ethereal, layered and playful. Sudol's voice is something like a blend of Feist and Regina Spektor, her songs filled with glorious vocal acrobatics... ear~candy for a chanteuse like myself.

While rooting about for more images, I found that she had modeled a line of one-of-a-kind couture vintage-inspired headpieces from L.A. called Ban.do. Photographer Angela Kohler's work resulted in a series of jaw-droppingly gorgeous portraits that feel almost pre-Raphaelite in their dewy glory.

As it turns out, Angela Kolher and her partner Ithyle Griffiths also directed the "Lost Things" short film above that started me down this particular rabbit-hole. They used a similar style to win a contest to design a stop-motion ad for Amazon Kindle in 2009, which became very popular. But it's their work with Alison Sudol that strikes my fancy most.

Ah, the joy of lush new music, a pretty girl, and whimsical stop-motion animation. What more could I wish for?


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Unknown said...

Beautiful! I loved that video. Thanks for introducing her!

Pamela said...

Thank you Choklit! You find the most lovely, tastiest things!

Artsnark said...

Fabulous post. That is a favorite vid of mine too.

By the way, I bumped into a blog last week that has free download templates for coraline paper dolls. If you'd like the link, just let me know

Also, a hearty congrats on the Etsy FP yesterday

Tom Banwell said...

Wonderful little film!

Anonymous said...

Your speaking my language here! Im off to investigate further- thank you.

Vintage-Twisted said...

I understand how you feel about this short-I started my own blog just to post this video, it's that gorgeous.

I've been lucky enough to see A Fine Frenzy in concert 2x. She's even more ethereal in concert! Hope all your readers get to go.

val said...

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