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Gemstones, Ribbons, and Pearls, Oh My!

I made it to the Ribbonerie! It was as if I had stepped back in time, ducked in off a cobblestone street into a tiny Parisian shop, where every imaginable color and texture of ribbon lined the walls from floor to ceiling. The ladies at the counter flitted about searching for color matches for the trims I already had, promising to special order the ones I couldn't find. I even learned the name for the funny ribbon-wrapping method I had encountered at Britex - the Nun's Cap - an old French style of bundling cut ribbon.

Enough said. I'm simply going to tantalize you with images of the treasures I've been gathering for this project.

Lustrous dyed freshwater pearls...

And richly hued braided trims...

A few nights ago I taught myself how to box-pleat silk, and I'm so pleased with the results. Look how sweet this little length of blue dupioni silk is when it's pleated and frayed!

The first design is almost finished...

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