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Velvet Ribbons

The supply hunt was a success! Many hours spent traipsing the hallowed halls of the third floor of Britex Fabrics and the miracle that is Berkeley's Lacis - and I returned home triumphant. Though I still have more bits to acquire to be fully prepared, I now have the basics for at least twelve new designs, which is overwhelming and thrilling at the same time. And look what I brought home...

Oh, the joy that is velvet ribbons. Britex had a dizzying array of colors, and some of them were actually vintage (though I suspect the prices were not historically accurate!). The unexpectedly punky sales-boy wrapped them into these appealing little bundles that made me think of Easter eggs.

But my most intriguing discovery of the day was that there is, in fact, a shop in San Francisco that is dedicated entirely to ribbons. Be still, my heart! Overheard near the fringe section, the aptly named Ribbonerie is supposedly in Laurel Heights and specializes in French wired. But the sheer madness of driving downtown in the rain conspired to keep us from making it there before it closed. For now, I will have to content myself with the knowledge that such a place exists, and dream of the treasures that might be in store for me there.

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