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Huzzah for a Marvelous Day!

I'm ever so pleased to report that the Handcar Regatta was a roaring success. Over 3,000 people in attendance, many in splendid costumes, and everyone thrilled to pieces that we could put on an event of this magnitude and magic in our sleepy little suburban hamlet.

You can watch the video or read the articles in our local rags, or see tons of pictures on Flickr, but it's hard to capture the bliss of the day.

Despite the heat, everyone in attendance seemed to be bewildered and elated to find a beautiful spectacle like this unfold around them.

Many of the race entrants were breathtaking feats of engineering and beauty, especially the magnificent Lumbering Contraption by the Steampunk Treehouse Crew.

The Hennepin Crawler was brilliant when it raced, and though it didn't win for speed, the boys earned a special prize for elegance and beauty.

All of the music was amazing. Baby Seal Club
made an appearance on the Sideshow Stage, and we got a small crowd Otter Dancing. My beloved band-mates looked absolutely stunning in their finery, in my humble opinion.

In the craft show area, I had the pleasure of sharing a space with the charming and lovely Indy of Industrial Fairytale, and I was so pleased that the Adornments for Tarts booth looked luscious.

And I had the pleasure of hanging out with the fantastic crew of the Neverwas Haul, who have been heroes of mine since the first time I saw their majestic traveling house at Burning Man.

All in all, a spectacular time was had by all, and I think the event is sure to become an annual celebration.

Hearty congratulations to all my many loved ones on the organizing team!


TotusMel said...

Congrats! So glad it went well...next time, I swear I'm there!

Sarah Dungan said...

Notice how I ninja'd out of any pictures that might make their way onto the internet? ;-)

Choklit is...of course..awesome and more photogenic! <3

. c h o k l i t . said...

Oh, Indy, m'dear, you can't hide that dapper outfit forever ~ pictures of you are coming!

Sarah Dungan said...

Thanks to your sleeve garters, it was quite dashing, if I do say so myself!

fetishghost said...

WOW WOW WOW!!! So cool!

Carl V. said...

I think you did a marvelous job capturing the excitement of the day, I certainly had a big smile on my face while reading it and a pang of jealousy that my teleportation device is on the fritz and I couldn't be there. I'll definitely be living vicariously through the pics though. You look quite lovely in your finery and I am very happy for you that it was a wonderful time.

Fatal Attraction said...

OH-h-h-H-H - oh..........
So Absolutely AWESOME!!!!