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Whiskey In The Dust

That about sums up my year at Burning Man. Lots of tiny magical moments, more whiskey than is reasonable for any lady of distinction to consume, and dust everywhere. Here are just a few of my favorite bits...

The glory that was the Hennepin Crawler. Much to our dismay we didn't make it to the Bomb Bay Tea Company even once... there's just far too much to do and see out on the Playa. But the Crawler crew received much love and adulation for their efforts.

Ecstatically dancing on the Center Camp couches to the brassy strains of March Fourth Marching Band, and later having the joy overload of hanging out with darling M4 stilter Sid Simpatico. Photo used with the kind permission of Deb.

Drifting in and out of sleep while watching the sun rise over the whimsical Basura Sagrada, from under a pile of faux fur shared with Fudo and Lord Wizzbang Hopton. Photo used with the kind permission of Erick.

Swinging in the stunning Altered State sculpture with Amber Lee. Photo used with the kind permission of M. Mendelson.

Helping Dan to navigate the mystery of a garter belt to hold up his stripey tights. Note the Aubergine Cuffs bravely making an appearance in the harsh desert climate!

Whiskey Root Beer Floats on Stache's birthday. Interpretive dance with Lord Hopton in the mysterious blue harp dome. Trying on bad Eighties prom dresses in a yurt with the lovely Sara B. Too many to count, or remember. But once again I got to learn my annual lesson in BEING IN THE MOMENT.

Deepest apologies for the long blog-silence, but sometimes life gets in the way. I'll be writing more soon.


squadratomagico said...

Welcome back -- sounds like you had a great burn, despite all the dust storms this year!

I too, was quite taken with the Altered State installation. Sorry I didn't see your Hennepin Crawler -- it looks amazing! How is it powered -- human pedaling or cranking? Or does it have another energy source?

. c h o k l i t . said...

Human-pedal-powered all the way! The Crawler be making a second grand appearance at the Handcar Regatta on Sept 28th up in Sonoma County for any locals...

MendelsonPhoto said...

hey, don't forget what one of those 'bad 80s prom dresses' turned out to be!

holy frijoles!