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Finely Crafted Pop

I have to admit that I have a huge appreciation for finely crafted pop, of the Belle and Sebastian or The Shins variety. And this weekend Skyeboy and I had a little album-shopping spree at the last independent record store in our town.

Largely inspired by David Byrne's play-list for the month, we struck gold on almost all our purchases, but I just want to gush over two of them.

First, the glory that is Seattle's Fleet Foxes.

At first glance, I thought the cover was a Bosch painting, but it's actually a painting called Netherlandish Proverbs by an artist named Pieter the Elder.

Self-described as "baroque harmonic pop jams" ~ all I know is it makes me want to frolic through a beautiful renaissance forest. I'm such a pushover for beautiful harmonies. How can I not love this album?

And then, of Montreal. Strange and operatic synth-pop, with nonsensical quirky lyrics and infectious melodies - and just enough of a dose of silliness to make me happy.

I can see how this album would either make one swoon or drive one batty, depending on mood. I was definitely in need of a new music infusion, and I adored it. Forgive me if I'm a latecomer to either of these parties, but both records have gone into overdrive on my iPod, so I'm sharing.


Fyriel said...

Both of those are amazing! I've been on a new music search too...I've been listening to Andrew Bird, he's super amazing, you might like that music too.

And thanks for commenting on my article! I know, I think that guy was confusing steampunks with like, some sort of fandom, which is so not true....

Blood Milk said...

do you like the new 'of montreal'?

Believe it or not, I actually semi disliked "Labyrinth"..when I was a kid...
maybe all the singing....

Let me know if you liked 'The Fall'