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Things That Please Me: Cephalopods

This probably won't be shocking, given the propensity of a certain kind of person - that is, the Ectomo-devoted, Victorian-ephemera-appreciating, underground-art-loving kind - to also have an affinity for creatures of the tentacled variety.

In fact, it might even be a bit trite. Witness the ubiquity of the Octo on Etsy. I don't know what it is, really... A much tamer interpretation of the terribly-not-safe-for-work Hokusai woodcut Dream of the Fisherman's Wife? Some sort of Jules-Verne-ian deep-sea-monster fixation?

All I know is that I'm helpless to resist all things tentacled.

Exhibit One: A gift from the much-beloved Stache - vintage dictionary illustration of an octopus, made into a striking pendant on vintage velvet ribbon, by Found & Made Designs.

Exhibit Two: This miraculous thing from UnCorked - all good things rolled into one: Octopus! Mini clipboard! Test Tube! Two keystrokes and it was mine.

Exhibit Three: On the wish list - together at last... tentacles and little Victorian girls.

It's a Moleskine journal etched with a print by Dan Hillier. Brilliant. And Modofly has these with covers by dozens of my favorite artists.

Exhibit Four: Just discovered breathtaking art by Tucson artist Chiara Bautista, also known as Milk.

I could go on, but... I'll save some tentacles for another post. I know I'm not alone on this fixation.


Lady Miss Tiff said...

Great post. I live not too far from the Tacoma Narrows Bridge where, supposedly, the largest Octopus ever recorded lives.

I also once caught an Octopus and, yes, we ate it. I was a pre-teen at the time & don't know if I would eat it now.
*cries softly inside*

Winona Cookie said...

Nothing like 8 tentacles to make a girl's heart beat faster...
Great post, Choklit, and amazing items!

down & dirty designs said...

i admire the octopus but my heart belongs to those cute little cuttlefish...they're just so precious and amazing...they're skin is amazing...