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Splendid Accomplishments!

As I swoon in the wake of this most fabulous outpouring of creativity, passion, and dedication from my friends and family that culminated in the Great Handcar Regatta yesterday (and while I wait for more pictures to come in so I can post them!), I have an exciting announcement. My love Stache, truly a giant among men, somehow managed to publish a brand new Web site for Adornments for Tarts last week... Take a gander at his amazing work!

Adornments The new site has a beautiful gallery of all my designs, easy links to my shop and this very blog, a captivating biography, a list of my favorite resources of all kinds for inspiration and edification, and more decaying yet elegant curly-cue embellishments than you can shake a stick at.

And Stache did all this while building a new racing contraption and re-furbishing the Hennepin Crawler with Krank Boom Clank, and being on the organizing team for the Regatta... he has been working tirelessly. He also fabricated the splendid Mini-Penny, a hi-wheel bicycle inspired by the penny farthings of the late 1800's.

(Picture by Swaziloo)

There will be so much more on the glory of the Regatta soon, but in the meantime, a moment of deep appreciation for this brilliant, talented, ever-so-dashing man I am lucky enough to have for my husband. See more of his work at his company site, Sassy Monkey Media.


Hexotica said...

Congratulations! It is a fantastic web-site! Very tasteful and beautifully laid-out.
I can't wait to see the regatta pics!!

Tom Banwell said...

Stache is a very talented web designer. You two make a great couple!

Holly said...

wow I love the website, its beautiful!!

pinkcherrymama said...

love your blog... saw your comment on totusmel's about my tags and thought i'd stop by to say hello :)

FetishGhost said...

Love the new website!

ArtSnark said...

The website is gorgeous! Love the photos. The bike looks great too!

Are you 2 still interested in having your steamy portraits drawn?