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Spring Has Sprung!

The vernal equinox was on Thursday, and it felt like everything around me was blossoming and opening up. Admittedly, since this is Northern California, it's been feeling spring-y for a few weeks already. But on Friday morning, the swallows that nest in the eaves of the building I work in had returned, and all the fruit trees were exploding with blossoms.

Celebration was in order. Fortunately, the ever-lovely Brooke had an extravagant Equinox party on Friday night, complete with fire-spinners, live music, and belly-dancers. Stache felt a Spring Pixie outfit was appropriate, and he spent a good part of the early evening gluing leaves to himself to elegant effect:

And I gussied up in a vaguely spring nymph-ish fashion to match him, sporting the Roux cuffs and choker.

We even found a Disgruntled Bunny to round out our merry band.

And proceeded to cause a ruckus at the party, in the usual manner - staying up far too late, having far too much tequila, and enjoying the warm spring evening and splendid company...

Happy Spring!

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Jerusia said...

Lovely!! Lovity love love love