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Gigsville... once again.

My band, Baby Seal Club, has been hibernating since shortly after last years' Burning Man. We had a new drummer and needed to incubate and practice before we went out - really, it was for the public good. And last Sunday was finally our first gig back in the saddle. Wheee!

I had almost forgotten the feeling - the butterflies in the stomach... the exhilaration... the way we all have to go out on a limb together... like jumping off a cliff holding hands.

The show went swimmingly. A few loyal friends and fans turned out despite our purposeful lack of promotion, and it's always fun to do a double set with the enchanting Amber Lee, of Amber Lee and the Anomalies. And I don't I always relish the chance to wear bloomers and a corset?

I also took the opportunity to test drive a set of my cuffs and a choker, which you can see below - the design is called Mercurie. Detailed pictures to come.

It being the night before my birthday, we all ended the evening drinking ridiculously tasty old-fashioneds at the bar down the road... instead of the usual egregious maraschinos - they were garnished with real organic bing cherries soaked in Guinness. My new cocktail of choice - bliss!

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