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Raw Emotion ~ The Imagery of Lilya Corneli

Stache and I have been brewing big plans for an arty photo shoot with some of my gorgeous girlfriends for the adornments, and yesterday we finally made it happen. I'm beyond thrilled with the images he captured, but it will take a bit of time to edit them, so we must all be patient...

For some lovely diversion until the new imagery is unveiled, you must see the work of an incredibly talented photographer who has been inspiring me as of late.

I happened upon Lilya Corneli after going down one of those Internet rabbit-holes - you know the kind, where by following a series of links you somehow end up in a totally different and magical new place. I was completely captivated and found myself wandering Lilya's online galleries for hours.

These breathtaking images are used with Lilya's kind permission.

Her photos are hauntingly beautiful, evocative and sometimes a little disturbing. Everything about them makes me shiver with delight.

And soon, soon... an abundance of beautiful imagery of my own.

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Wenchie said...

Her work is really impressive