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Things That Please Me: Honeyspy

There are few things as satisfying as getting a treasure in the mail that you've longed for for some time... and today I had the joy of opening a beautifully packaged treat that traveled all the way to me from Hamburg, Germany.

I'd had lust in my heart for this steam-punkish dragonfly necklace for ages, but missed the boat the last time it was listed in Honeyspy's Etsy shop, Naif Jewelry. Oxidized brass, vintage glass from the 30's... sigh. And when it finally came, packaged in the tiniest nubuck tote-bag I'd ever seen, with tiny Honeyspy stickers, elegant Moo cards, and an even tinier stripey envelope filled with little extra parts, I was beside myself. We've already established that stripey things make me happy - did I also mention that very tiny things make me happy?

Such beauty... I wore it out last night and someone told me it was exquisite. Indeed! And something of a stylistic and thematic match for my Miele series. Here's a detail of the Miele cuff.

See more of Honeyspy's work at what appears to be the European version of Etsy - DaWanda.

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