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Tiny Delicate Things

Stache and I learned first-hand this weekend how challenging it can be to take beautiful pictures of tiny delicate things like drop earrings.

Despite the wind that made the earrings shiver and having to navigate the rough waters of macro focus, we eventually triumphed. Pictured are the Miele Earrings ~ antiqued copper, honey jade, deep bronze-colored freshwater pearls, and golden jasper.

And did I mention how phenomenally lucky I am to have a husband who is a patient and talented photographer? So, so lucky.


Clifford said...

Oh, perhaps if you keep telling me how patient I am, I'll actually become that way. :-]

SpicyBrowngirl said...

I love the Miele's. So, honey... literally. And, yes, it's quite lovely photography. I can't wait to see more.