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The Joy of Moo

I'm beside myself with excitement... my new Moo cards arrived today!

Whee! So cute and little. Why do we love the Moos so much?? I'll be handing these pups out like candy.

And what's even better, Stache gave me a tiny felt Moo wallet with six Moo-sized pockets to keep them in, made by fellow Etsyian Claire of Stitch and Shoot. Thanks for being so darn thoughtful, Claire! Who knew the world needed Moo wallets?


Tsibele said...

I just found you, your shop and your blog after searching for steampunk tagged items on etsy. I am at a loss for words! All I can produce are little cries of excitement. I love love love your cuffs, and your chokers (allthough I have gotten it into my head that chokers are not flattering on me, maybe I'll have to test that theory again because yours are the best I have seen).

It's nice to see there are others out there with a healthy interest in ribbons, I love ribbons ...so sensual... though I tend to use them in a slightly different way (I make ribbon chandeliers).

Anyway, I have added yours to my list of blogs and etsy shops. So keep posting and living the decadent life!

. c h o k l i t . said...

Thanks for your wonderful comment, Tsibele! I'm so flattered and pleased you liked my work. I'm just getting started posting things to the shop - more cuffs and collars are coming in the next few weeks. And where can I see your chandeliers?? I'm very intrigued...


Tsibele said...

I'm glad that you are intrigued! :) I am currently working on two chandeliers, and will post pictures on my blog (which is yet to be fully up and running)when I finish them. I'll let you know when that happens!

Like I said, I will keep an eye on your etsy shop, I can't wait to see more of your designs...