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Things That Please Me: Goggles

Okay, I'll admit that goggles as an accessory are probably already passé, especially now that the steampunk movement is bursting into the mainstream media and probably shortly becoming a parody of itself. An absolute survival necessity at Burning Man, but something of a trifle in the default world, unless one is going swimming or flying or welding - but I simply don't care. Something about wearing goggles makes me feel like I'm about to embark on some grand adventure. And I've been watching with keen interest as others with my same sensibility have started modding basic goggles to be ever cooler and more funky.

So I was beside myself when I discovered BoilerGoth's creations. She offers a range of goggles for the urban adventurer, and her workmanship is incredible. And when I found her Gypsy Steampunk pair, I couldn't resist. The leather, the brass, the perfect blending of two aesthetics I love... behold:

And as if the goggles weren't enough, BoilerGoth has made me a pair of matching Skirt Lifters as well. And don't I need them! As she says, "Long skirts getting in the way during your adventure, here's your answer." Of course!

I can't wait to wear them with the Neo-Victorian safari costume I'm currently working on.

And although the Steampunk Gypsy pair clearly won my heart, there are a few other goggle-makers out there doing some very interesting work, like First Engineer Kimric Smythe of the Neverwas Haul - everyone's favorite Victorian House art car - you can see his goggles in the Neverwas Haul Explorers Supply Depot.

And last year, I bought a beautifully made monocle for Skyeboy from a shop in the UK, Professor Maelstromme's Steam Laboratory, and he absolutely loves it. It even came with interchangeable lens accessories, like a cross-hair and various colored lenses. You can see more of Professor Maelstromme's work on Flickr.

Fellow intrepid explorers, how can you resist such elegance and utilitarian beauty... have a look!


squadratomagico said...

Odd coincidence: I've been looking at Boilergoth's stuff for a while myself -- SweetCliffie nearly bought a monocle from her (or him?), and I've been considering the goggles as a Burning Man accessory (need new ones this year). Your version is particularly nice -- love all that red and gold! Do they seal well enough for BM?

. c h o k l i t . said...

Hmm... more for costume than for BM, I think - the base is welding goggles, which were intended to protect more from sparks and bright light than from wind or dust. No foam. So lovely, though!

Carl V. said...

How very cool. I may not be a participant in it but I am certainly a huge fan of the steampunk fashion movement (if that is the right terminology) and goggles are one of the big reasons why. The site of a woman with a pair of goggles on her head is nearly enough to send me into a swoon. I find it sad when a movement, etc. starts to get popular and the initial people in the movement begin to get disillusioned by it or feel that once it has become mainstream that it is no longer worthy of their time or attention, etc. I say that passe is passe and you should do what makes you feel good.