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I Made The Team!

...the Etsy Steampunk Team, that is...

And it kind of feels like suddenly being part of the varsity cheering squad I so purposefully avoided in high school, except the "cheerleaders" are all smart, hip, crafty counterculture types. This is no small thing, lovely readers. I'm in with the in-crowd now. These people are seriously talented, and seriously organized. And they welcomed me with open arms despite the fact that my adornments are more Neo-Victorian, looking over flirtatiously at Steampunk.

Here's just a wee sampler of some of the beautiful things made by my fellow Steam Teamers: Clockwork Green Pendant by Heterodyne, Steampunk Gold Lace Cuffs by GrandmaWasAFloozy, The Adventures of Captain Octavio collage by WinonaCookie, Widow's Weeds brooch by slvrlily and TotusMel, WWII Spat Corset by velvetmechanism, and Nautilus Necklace by ClockworkCrow.

Not only do they have a blog, a Flickr group, a mySpace page, and a web site, but there are also incredibly active, and addicting, private discussion Forums.

So I'm meeting new people, and getting new inspiration, and suddenly I have friends on Etsy! And they like to talk about all the same things I like to talk about! This is a very good thing.

Be still my heart!


TotusMel said...

Ah, thanks for the mention! I think you're wonderfully talented too and my work is also a little more Victorian than steampunk, but we're one big family now.

Sarah Dungan said...

We prefer an all inclusive - its not just watch gears approach! Welcome to the team :-)

Carl V. said...

Congrats! I had a really great time looking at all the blogs on the ring yesterday and checking out the various Etsy shops...more favorite seller were added!

Hyla Waldron said...

Lovely blog entry!