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Sub-Culture Cross-Pollination

Etsy's fabulous web-zine The Storque recently published an article, Circus Couture, alerting readers to the trend of carnival-inspired fashion. The article featured inspiring pictures of Cirque Beserk and Lucent Dossier.

I was intrigued by the discussion, particularly the concern of a commenter about the crossover with steampunk, burlesque and Burning Man aesthetics, and some debate about which sub-culture came first.

Why limit oneself to a single rigid sub-culture? I'd much rather take the elements I like from each and create something new and different... as demonstrated by Fudo, Wizzbang and I in this picture from Baby Seal Club's last gig - clearly, we're Tribal Victorian Burner Circus freaks.

Huzzah to all of it, I say! Give me bloomers with my goggles, and stripes with my corset. The beauty is in the blend, in my humble opinion. I'll check all of the boxes, no limits, please. And how serendipitous that I just finally listed my Cirque collar on Etsy...


Carl V. said...

"Huzzah to all of it, I say"

I couldn't agree more. It is certainly sad to limit ones interests to the point of rigidity. Its okay to be passionate about something, but if it borders on the kind of obsession that makes you want to argue the finer points of sub genre and subculture then it might be time to take a step back and reprioritize!

And I didn't realize Etsy had a web-zine...thanks for the heads up!

. c h o k l i t . said...

Thanks for visiting, Carl! The Storque is actually a well-written and resource-rich web-zine that's frequently updated - I love it.

Carl V. said...

No problem, I enjoyed going back over all your posts today and I left comments on some of the others as well. I'll be checking out The Storque from now on.