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A Civilized Outing

Will we never tire of costumed debauchery? Sunday was Lord Wizzbang Hopton Mahnkae's birthday, and we saw fit to organize a party to attend Bustles and Baseball, a event organized by the esteemed Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild, in concert with the Bay Area Vintage Baseball League, in full regalia. We had about twelve people dressed in neo-Victorian picnic gear - straw boaters, knickers, and parasols, and we waved our pennants vigorously for the home team. Seems much of the action was actually happening in the bleachers.

Ah, too much sun and white wine on a summer afternoon while strapped into corsets and waist-coats - does it get any better?

We all agreed that the Trockenbeerenauslese provided by dear Meester Ralph was delightful.

Afterwards, we took half the baseball team with us to the Alembic to carry on with the carousing. Several strong whiskey old-fashioneds later, this intrepid Victorian explorer had to be ported home by her more, ahem, sober dandies.

Happiest of birthdays, my dearest Mahnkae.

Lovely photographs by the talented M. Mendelson / www.InnerCamera.com - see more of them here.


Christie said...

Great blog, I've really enjoyed my visit here and will be back!

MendelsonPhoto said...

That was tons of fun! No more Pisco Sours for me though...

SpicyBrowngirl said...

You have RE-ENACTOR blood in you! Vintage baseball—I love it! It's so amazing you can find the time to be so incredibly creative.